Need a Logo

At Rob’s Custom Clothing, we design logos and artwork for $25 a file.

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Do you need help finding an idea or design for your project? No Problem, we subscribe to and use Advanced T-Shirts design packs. We believe in this design add-on because it allows us to Create a workable solution that is ready to stitch or print quickly and work with either screen printing or embroidery. $25 Per Logo. Plus all other costs per our minimum.

The design is non-transferrable and remains the property of, there are no limitations on you recreating the design. Check out some artwork above. Please cite the title of the PDF and the page number when sending quote requests.

If you want to pay in-person with cash or card, choose bill me later otherwise choose PayPal, Stripe or Amazon Pay for our credit card interface. Thanks for shopping at Rob’s Custom Clothing, we appreciate your business.